WEXWORLDS // Sci Fi and Fantasy Fiction Festival 2011 // November 25th - 27th, 2011 // Wexford Town, Ireland
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Due to unforeseen circumstances there will be no Wexworlds Festival in 2012.

Due to unforeseen circumstances there will be no Wexworlds Festival in 2012. + read more

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Emerald Garrison joins WexWorlds

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Nick Roche Guest Photo Wexford, renowned for breeding great literary and artistic talents, is also responsible for spawning comic book writer and artist Nick Roche. Nick - who used to work with Bui Bolg Productions and provide scripts for Wexford Panto - went legit in 2005 and started working professionally on IDW's Transformers. He went from artist to writer quite swiftly, and turned out a series of acclaimed stories (or as acclaimed as a story featuring robots hitting each other in the face can be) featuring the Robots in Disguise. The highest praised of these was Last Stand of The Wreckers - drawn by Nick and co-written with James Roberts - which has been described as 'The Watchmen of The Transformers Universe'. Yeah, I know.

As well as working on Transformers, Nick has also done stints on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Doctor Who, and has provided concept art for computer games and toy giant Hasbro. 2010 saw Nick juggle the delicate art of getting married with writing and drawing a 'How To Draw Transformers' book, and working on the upcoming 'Death Of Optimus Prime' special from IDW Publishing, available in December. He can now also legitimately add the description 'award-winning' (instead of lying about it) to his blurbs as the recipient of Best Irish Mainstream Comic Artist on IrishComicNews.com's inaugural poll. In an industry which is seeing more and more Irish creators make their mark, this honour is second only to appearing at Wexworlds. (Wow. That was smarmy, even for Nick...)

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