All You Need To Know About Pokies Payout Ration And Percentage

It was a time when I had just start writing my books, I was working in Vodafone services for the part time. In a movie named basketball business band I met a guy who was sitting next to me. After the interval I asked the guy for his name which was fogger. He was talking about the camera crew of film. And after interval he was doing something in his cellphone which was at first distracted me but later on when I came to know what he was doing I became normal.

The guy told me he was playing a real cool game named hotshot and then he told me about that. It was a five reels online casino 20 fixed bet lines from which you have to form winning combinations. The symbols and action figures made me go crazy over it. With the action arcade graphics which turn me to take interest in that. It contains wheel of fortune and bonus wheel etc. The movie that day was boring so I took out my phone and download it and started it offline. Boring movie became alive after that and we both shared a good moment. The guy is one of my best friends now and we still use to go out in the movies playing that reel.

That day became I still use to remember when I first met him in that movie and how we shared a good time enjoying the pokie. Even now sometimes when someone sees me playing that I recommend him to try once. This is a great time pass and I never get bored with it. So i searched some good online pokie games on the net which i could play to win money  and pass my time as well, there i got many good ones by who was offering best online pokies payout to make a good win with good payout percentage.

I had even written a book fighter which was all about my friend that I had met on the very best day of my life; I wish sometimes to go back in that day.