The best thing I adored very much about the fruit slots is that they are very simple to play and kill the spare time. It’s just that you have to spin your three reels on five pay line until you hit the jackpot and it’s really thrilling to encounter the win and lose during the play. And to win I had to risk it all and eventually you are going to be fortunate or unfortunate is the best suspense and excitement while playing the pokies.

Another fruit machine that lured me towards the excitement it offers was the Jesters Jackpot, it really got the true adrenaline rush like you are riding the real jet plane, it’s the best slot for player that are looking for some strategic fun also with the money. That’s was the only thing that drove me to this thrilling slot.

Before playing this, I took a liberty to have a look at its reviews, rating and some tutorial videos as well on youtube and I also talked about the machine to some of my gamblers friends on Facebook and social media. They all said that it’s an amazing game and must try at least once, except from the advice they also gave me the links to some free spins and took the trial of the game and I utilized them pretty well to make some money out of it.

That’s how my first encounter went with this amazing pokie and later I started betting little more on that as I was getting more and savvier with it and the thing I came to understood that it may let you win some big money but you got to collect half of your winnings and invest the other half in the Super Game to avoid the great loss.